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The Juicy Lucy Buffalo Slider is the Mayor of Burger Town

The Juicy Lucy Buffalo Slider is the Mayor of Burger Town

Your mom told you it’s what is on the inside on that counts. And with burgers, she’s absolutely right. She also told you not to play with your food. But after a bite of your latest backyard creation, we’re willing to bet she’ll rethink her stance on that matter.

Behold the Juicy Lucy – an inside-out burger with Minneapolis roots – that is a very different kind of cheeseburger. Here, the cheese is placed in a pocket in the middle of your burger patty, leading to plenty of gooey, cheesy bites. It’s like a jalapeno popper without all the horrible roof of your mouth scorching.

bbq stuffed buffalo burger

What You’ll Need:

Cutting board
3 American cheese singles
2 pounds ground buffalo
8 slider buns/mini pretzel rolls
1/3 cup Rub Your Burger rub

Grab a cutting board and cut each of the American cheese singles into nine equal pieces. They’re conveniently square, so two cuts horizontally and vertically will get it done. Set your cheese pieces aside.

[You can also chill the slices in the freezer while doing your next step of prep, which will help keep the cheese from oozing out of your patties during grilling.]

Divide the ground buffalo into eight equal mounds. If you have a scale, measure out 4 ounces. If you don’t, just look to have portions of roughly equal height and size.


Split a mound into two equal portions and fashion both halves into flat circular patties. Place three cheese pieces in the center of one of the halves. Place the other half on top of the cheese slices and gently, but firmly, crimp the edges of the top and bottom halves to seal in the cheese.

Use your hands to shape the patty into a circle after you’re done crimping. Make sure no cheese is visible through the outside of the meat and that the patty is well-sealed (you don’t want cheese dripping onto your grill). Repeat this process for all eight mounds. Then, give all of the patties a sprinkling of Rub Some Burger on both sides (enough to see rub on top of the meat, but still see some meat, as well).

Fire up your grill and cook the burgers over medium high heat. Take some care while flipping to keep the burger patties intact. Roughly four minutes a side will have the burgers cooked through and cheese ready to roll like lava down the side of a volcano. If you prefer a burger closer to medium well, leave it for six minutes on the second side.

Place your burgers inside of your bun of choice and then let your teeth find that lovely melt-y core of cheese. Have a few napkins ready, things will get a little bit messy. And discover why the inside of these burgers is what really counts.


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